R410a or R32 – which refrigerant is better, more profitable, more efficient

Which refrigerant is better – r410a or r32? How are they different and why is it important to know? Is it possible to replace R-410a with R-32 and how to do it? You will find answers to these and other questions in this publication.


The use of R-22 refrigerant is regulated by the Kyoto Protocol of 1997. In developed countries, since 2020, this freon cannot be used. Since 2030, the use of refrigerant in developing countries has been completely banned. The reason is the high ozone-depleting potential of freon.

Freon 410a (HFC-410a) was invented in 1991. Starting in 1997, it began to be used in air conditioners and gradually replaced the traditional R22. The properties of the R410a compare favorably. It has zero potential for destroying the Earth’s ozone layer. But its global warming potential GWP is 15.36% higher (2088 and 1810 respectively).

R-410a refrigerant contains R-32 and R-125 freons in the ratio of 50%/50%. It is a zeotropic mixture, the gas components have the same boiling point. Its temperature glide does not exceed 0.5 degrees Celsius. Therefore, if it leaks, it can be refueled, and not completely replaced.

R410a has an A1 safety class by Designation and Safety Classification of Refrigerants. It is non-flammable and non-toxic. The refrigerant is also available under the brand names:

  • Genetron AZ-20;
  • SUVA® 410A;
  • Puron;
  • EcoFluor R410,
  • Forane 410A.

Compared to R22, R410a has a higher working pressure. Because of this, retrofit systems are difficult. Thicker-walled copper tubes must be used. Also, for its use, not mineral, but synthetic oil is needed.

Genetron AZ-20, freon R410a


R32 is a one-component gas, difluoromethane. Has zero ozone depletion potential. Its GWP potential is 675, which is 62.71% and 67.67% lower than R22 and R410a respectively. Originally used in other refrigerants such as:

  • R-407A, R-407B, R-407C, R-407D, R-407F;
  • R-410A, R-410B;
  • R-427A;
  • R-438A;
  • R-442A;
  • R-448A;
  • R-449A.

The good properties of R-32 redrigerant allow it to be used as an alternative to R-410a. But this gas has a safety class A2L. This means that it is non-toxic and has low flammability. Because of this, it was used mainly in China, India, and Japan.

R32 refrigerant is not easy to ignite. To do this, the concentration of freon in the air should be from 13.3 to 29.3% by volume. Here is what a Daikin Europe NV representative says:

In order for a dangerous concentration of R32 to form in a 25 m2 room, 16 FTXZ25N/RXZ25N air conditioners must completely leak the refrigerant simultaneously within a short period of time.

Freon R32 has a high minimum ignition energy (15 MJ) and a spontaneous ignition temperature (648 ° C). It is much more difficult to ignite than many other refrigerants. Due to the low burning rate (6.7 cm/sec) it cannot explode.

The pressure-temperature characteristics of R32 refrigerant differ from those of R410a. Due to this, its COP conversion rate is higher by 3-6%. To refuel equipment, it needs 10-30% less.

Ban on R-410a and R-32 refrigerants

The European Union plans to reduce the use of HFCs (HFCs, hydrofluorocarbons). These include both refrigerants. But first of all, this will affect R404aR507, R134a. after that it is planned to reduce the use of R410a. Perhaps this will affect the gas R32.

Reducing the use of HFCs is achieved through the release of new equipment. Manufacturers are switching to R32 instead of R410a. Daikin has already updated its line. Now they are producing hybrid air conditioners that can run on both refrigerants.

Rejecting CFCs with high global warming potential will be painless. Failing equipment on the R-410a will gradually be replaced by air conditioners on the R32. Perhaps in the coming years, alternatives with other characteristics will be developed.

Comparison of pressure and boiling point

Below is a table comparing the characteristics of R32 and R410a refrigerants. The pressure is indicated in bar, for freon 410a – in the liquid phase. You can view and download more detailed characteristics in the section Tables and diagrams.


R410a vs R32: Pros and cons

Each freon has positive and negative sides. Consider the pros and cons of R410a and R32 refrigerants.


+ The refrigerant is widespread;

+ R410a is cheaper than R32.

 As production decreases, freon will rise in price;

 Has a high global warming potential.


+ R32 has better heating and cooling capacity than R410a;

+ Has a low global warming potential;

+ Over time, it will become cheaper due to mass production;

+ Requires less R-32 to refill than R-410a;

+ Compliance with the requirements for the rejection of fluorinated gases.

 Currently more expensive than R410a;

 May be a fire hazard under certain conditions.

Which refrigerant is better, R410a or R32?

All experts agree on one thing – R32 is better than R410 a in terms of a combination of parameters . Its lighter flammability does not affect the operation of the equipment. It only requires more careful handling during repair, diagnostics and refueling of equipment.

Less R-32 gas is required for normal operation. This makes up for the difference in cost. And a higher COP reduces power consumption. It also increases the service life of the equipment.

Replacing R410a with R32

The characteristics of both refrigerants are similar. Their boiling point and operating pressure differ by no more than 5%. They are compatible with polyol ester synthetic refrigeration oils.

When replacing R410a with R32, it is not necessary:

  • Oil changes;
  • Change compressor;
  • Replacement of copper pipes.

The only thing that is required is to replace the seals and the filter drier. But this is a preventive measure. This should be done whenever any work is being done. You also need to stick a sticker warning that your air conditioner is charged with R-32 refrigerant.

In this article, we tried to answer the question: which refrigerant is better, R410a or R32. In the end, we came to an unequivocal conclusion. The R32 is better than the R410a for a number of reasons. We hope the material was helpful. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues!

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